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Welcome to the home of Tico Lhasa Apso's


Tico Lhasa Apso are based just outside Taree on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, approximately 3½ hours north of Sydney. The area encompasses lovely beaches as well as peaceful rural hinterland. 

Afghan Hounds were a part of our lives for over 36 years. All of our Afghans are dual purpose - much loved family members, and animals that we exhibit at conformation shows, which we have been doing since 1982. The first show Afghan we bought was "Weetoneon Rembrandt" (Ben), from our dear friend Avril Lacey in the UK. We went back to the Weetoneon kennel for another 3 males and 2 bitches. 

Although we have been showing Afghan Hounds for over 25 years we only started our breeding program in 1988. In September 2001 we moved from the UK to Australia, bringing with us 5 Afghans, 3 males and 2 bitches. The litter bred under the prefix TICOMA is bred by us, in partnership with Maria Niedzwiedz in the UK. 

In the UK we also owned Japanese Shiba Inu's, our first being Japanese Import "Nakayu Go Kazusa Nakanosow" (Icky), he was imported from Japan in 1997. We only brought the Afghans with us to Australia, we gave Icky to Liz Dunhill of the Vormund & Fantasia Kennel in the UK, as she wished to use him further in her breeding program, which to date has been very successful.

In May 2007 we purchased a Lhasa Apso bitch Blossom (Blos). Blos took no time to settle into her new life with our Afghan Hounds, being a constant companion to our house dog, Tico Raphael. Blos quickly learnt all of Raphael's bad habits as well as his good ones.

At shows Blos could always be found playing rough and tumble with our Afghans. Blos always managed to come out the winner as the boys would always take care not to put their big feet anywhere near her and end up lying on the floor with Blos climbing all over them.

Since the arrival of Blos we have decided to concentrate on the Lhasa Apso's and have now fully retired all of our Afghan Hounds. We have also acquired a Lhasa Apso male from Jon Norris of the Damjoz kennel in the UK.

Douie (Damjoz King Douie at Tico Imp UK) arrived in Australia in the middle of June and was released from quarantine on 15th July 2009 after serving his 30 night detention. Douie was bought from the UK as a future mate for Blos. We look forward to having fun showing Douie and look forward to what he can produce for us in the future.

We hope you enjoy visiting our much loved dogs, and would love to hear from you - Lesley, Alister & Dawn.

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